Isabelle Saint-Michael

Isabelle Saint Michael

Isabelle Saint-Michael currently lives abroad in Seoul, South Korea with a transition in process to the UK.  Writing is now her full-time gig, but she spent a number of years working in the online media industry.  (That’s when she upgraded her personality software from socialite to geek.)  Her hobbies include reading, shopping, travel, and medieval shenanigans with her closest friends.  She has earned such coveted nicknames as The Fighting Smurf, The Iz and Wiffle Ball Monkey Slayer.

From the author: “The Elven Life is a blog connecting a series of books and characters that I have created.  So many times we buy books but then must wait a year at least to get another fix.  In a world of immediate gratification I wanted to build an interactive way of storytelling for my readers.  Each book, along with the blog, is a free-standing story, but they will occasionally have connecting themes, characters, and messages for our fans to catch.  Check us out and keep watching!  Books will be available through Amazon, Kindle, and a retailer near you.”

  1. A first comment from on of the lurinkg types! ;)I will seize the opportunity to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy reading yout blog. You projects are very inspirational AND I really love your writing style and sense of humour ( hexy MF anyone? ). Merry Xmas and blessings to you and your family from your silent German reader.

  2. It’s nice to know facts about you Isabelle! As one of your readers, I’m amazed with how you revolutionize your blog and book in an interactive way as it can be. I will surely follow this blog often and I know you will capture the interest of more readers!

  3. She’s a brilliant writer and its reflected from her books. It’s not easy to think of a revolutionary fiction story compared to realistic one. I’m excited to read her fiction books.

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