Isabelle Saint-Michael


I’m Isabelle and Elven Life Productions is Lisa Merrick’s and my baby. It just started out as a fictional slice of life blog once a week. It grew into an eight-book series that is still being edited for mass-market publication. We also have the Otherworld Realms books of which there are four available at this time with more coming. We are about to start the release of a new series of Light Novels with storylines heavily influenced by Asian culture.

We’ve lived in Korea for going on five years now. We have cats, I have a husband, and we have built this pretty fantastic life which we plan to share more of going forward. Lisa and I along with the rest of our small team hope you enjoy our stories and our adventures. Please feel free to drop us a line. We love hearing from our fans.
Best Wishes,
Isabelle Saint-Michael

  1. A first comment from on of the lurinkg types! ;)I will seize the opportunity to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy reading yout blog. You projects are very inspirational AND I really love your writing style and sense of humour ( hexy MF anyone? ). Merry Xmas and blessings to you and your family from your silent German reader.

  2. It’s nice to know facts about you Isabelle! As one of your readers, I’m amazed with how you revolutionize your blog and book in an interactive way as it can be. I will surely follow this blog often and I know you will capture the interest of more readers!

  3. She’s a brilliant writer and its reflected from her books. It’s not easy to think of a revolutionary fiction story compared to realistic one. I’m excited to read her fiction books.

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