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Two and a half years ago I started the Elven Life blog. It started out as a daily slice-of-life blog based on my life as if I had actually been a Changeling. What you may not know is this blog saved my life, sanity, and marriage. When I started writing I had just left my full time high tech job and miscarried a pregnancy. I felt like I had fallen down a deep, forgotten well. All I could do was tread water in the dark and wonder how long I could last.

Elven Life gave me a new view on my world and it became so much more. It grew into epic stories about Princess Alizeyah and her friends. Suddenly I had permission to be creative, wear pajamas all day, and more deeply embrace my love of coffee. Lisa has been with me since almost the beginning, and together we have laughed, cried, pulled out our hair, and overdosed on sugar and caffeine. This has really been an adventure for both of us.

Then about a year and a half ago we brought Kenzi on board. We had over a million words of content between the blog posts and two books. We were gearing up for our third book and needed another set of eyes. She just clicked with us and we quickly became the three musketeers.

Now with a legal battle over our blog in the rear-view mirror as it is slowly (too slowly) being converted into books, and four books out in our Otherworld Realms series, we have decided to begin new adventures in some other worlds. These new adventures, worlds, and characters will by no means replace our Otherworld Realms series, which we will start publishing as books in 2017. Instead, these new adventures are here to allow me as the writer and you as the reader to branch out some.

With that, I would like to announce Demon’s Oasis. The Demons project will be a series of books done in the Asian light novel style. These stories will follow Jessie Soma, an American woman, who through a series of events ends up working as a host in a club in Tokyo. The length of each book will run roughly to a comparable length of Snow Pixie and Holiday Spirit for Hire.

No, this is not a gender bender or a case of mistaken identity. She is a woman, working as a woman, hosting women, in a host club. While we will explore some traditional manga style tropes, you can count on Isabelle style humor and a twist of the paranormal as the title suggests.

If you are a fan of my existing works, enjoy shoujo manga, light novels, or paranormal romances, they will certainly be a series to check out.