Snow Pixie, Available November 26, 2016

Snow Pixie Nov. 26


Detective Quintin Flynn is a complete workaholic. Even though he’s fourth generation Chicago Police and loves his family, he’s never made time to find a girl and settle down. Then one day he saves a Ms. Susan Ross from being mugged at gunpoint… and he can’t get her out of his head.


There’s something different about Suzy Ross. It could be that she’s the daughter of Winter, and her father has magically frozen her heart. Or it could be that she’s been sleeping for the past sixty years after a heartbreak shattered it. But even though Suzy thought she would never feel again, there’s something magical about Quint’s touch.


Is it coincidence, or love at first sight? Suzy doesn’t know, but she only has until spring to find out… or the magic of Winter will disappear and her heart will be shattered forever.

About isabellestmike

Author, Figure Skater, Coffee Addict and Power Shopper We choose the role we will play in our own stories. Somedays I am the heroine and others I am the villain but I am ALWAYS the comic relief.

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