Elven Life is becoming a book series

Hi there!

Yep, you read it correctly. This year Elven Life will be transitioning from the website to Amazon. You may be wondering what that means for readers. Well, we are going back to the very first post and overhauling them. Little mistakes like the spelling of names will become consistent. Some of the unanswered questions I left floating out there will be answered. Oh, and did I mention new content?

So get ready. The Elven Life Chronicles are coming.

The Elven Life Chronicles - Cheoeum -High Resolution

About isabellestmike

Author, Figure Skater, Coffee Addict and Power Shopper We choose the role we will play in our own stories. Somedays I am the heroine and others I am the villain but I am ALWAYS the comic relief.

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    • Thanks, we are editing like crazy. There is new content being added and some errors in timing that some times happen will be cleaned up so it is more stream lined.

  1. Looking forward to reading it!

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