Monthly Archives: January 2016

Level with you

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a long time since last we spoke and you are very curious what has befallen Kat and the others. I want to tell you but I can’t. In summer of 2015 a company in India started plagiarizing my work. At the time we handled the situation the best we could. We then were informed of it again this past fall with the same group.

I do write books that I charge for but I have always wanted to offer and ongoing story for my fans free. I make so little on my writing as it is. It is truly a labor of love. I will not however standby and allow others to take credit for MY work and the efforts of my team.

This along with a change in copyright status for international writers has thrown a HUGE kink into my writing and publishing. Also, as of this past January, Lisa, Kenzi and I have decided to end our relationship with Otherworld Romance and will be publishing all future works under our own label.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of your words of encouragement and concern. Your emails, letters, and posts have meant the world to us and while we may be down at the moment we are certainly not out. You can bet on us.

Kindest regards,

Isabelle, Kenzi and Lisa